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Hi Team - We are looking forward to integrate the zoom web sdk in a web application.We could see that the websdk supports screenshare , chat along with video call.

  • Could not see file share option and read that file share is not supported in web sdk as of now .Please confirm and let us know whether it is already a requested feature

  • Could we do a screen capture. If two persons A and B are over a call , Can the person A take a screenshot (image of video) of person B

  • We saw that it has the option to invite others by email. Do we have the option to invite by phone number too…

  • We also want to use the Zoom APIs to create user(custcreate) and meetings .Has requested a trial account by sending mail to isv@zoom.us on 8/13.We did not hear from them yet.Should we send a mail to developersupport@zoom.us

Thanks for your help

Hey @lidia.elmer,

The Web SDK does not support in meeting file sharing at this time.

Can you give me an example of this? I do not fully understand what you are trying to do.

Yes, you can use the call out feature.

We are currently experiencing longer response times for the ISV team. To help expedite things, fill out this form: Zoom - ISV Partner Self-Evaluation Form


Hello Tommy - Thank you for getting back to us.

The call out feature as I understand can be used to call the phone numbers but not send messages.
Sorry for not being clear.What I meant by inviting other users by phone number is can we send the join url trough sms as we send now through email.Please confirm.

Thanks for your help,

Hey @lidia.elmer,

Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately we do not have a way to SMS text the meeting link within the Web SDK. You will have to do this via a 3rd party like Twilio.


Thanks Tommy for getting back !!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


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