Web SDK The meeting number is wrong

@tommy - Please help me here urgently. I am getting “The meeting number is wrong.” again n again, even tho my webinar id is correct.

Webinar id =
Signature =


Hey @laevents,

You are passing in undefined as your meeting ID when generating your signature. You can debug it by base64 decoding your signature.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Hello @tommy - I am passing the meeting properly, pls check below another signature with meeting id into it after & also base64 decoding which shows meeting id into it.

Base64 decoding

But still getting same error that " The meeting number is wrong."


Hey @laevents,

Thanks for the info. Are you seeing any errors in the browser console? If so could you share those here?

Then our engineering team can look into this further.


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