Web Video sdk screenshare not working in safari

I m trying to build a screen-sharing service. Everything is working fine in chrome and firefox, However, I am getting this error in safari (both while sharing and receiving the stream)
(not even getting the browser popup to select which tab or screen to share in case of safari).

TypeError: TypedArray.from requires its this argument subclass a TypedArray constructor

Which Web Video SDK version?
I am using zoom web video sdk version 1.9.1 (instankSDK)


Hey @siddhant28r ,

Happy to help. Can you please share steps to reproduce this issue and your Video SDK code snippets so we can take a look?

Also, the latest version of the Video SDK is 1.1.3. How are you setting the version number to 1.9.1?


Hi @tommy ,
i m using version 1.1.0 (not 1.9.1).
Steps to reproduce:
i have simple flow, where i have one Zoom instance that i m using to join the user in a room and then i m trying to share the screen and it works fine in chrome and firefox but gives above mentioned error in

code snippet

i have created wrappers over zoom sdk methods

Its giving error in safari only

Hey @siddhant28r ,

What are you passing into the stream.startShareScreen(canvas); function? Double check your canvas is defined.


Hi @tommy ,
I am passing the canvas in the startScreenShare method itself, the one u see above is my wrapper method.

This is my code, hope this provides some more clarity of my usecase, first i m checking if the stream and canvas are defined then only i am calling Zoom’s startShareScreen method

Hey @siddhant28r ,

Instead of document.getElementById('desktop-screen') can you try document.querySelector('#desktop-screen')

Also, what is the .value ? It should be stream.startShareScreen(document.querySelector('#desktop-screen'))


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