I understand that Zoom advises rendering multiple videos on a single canvas. However, we frequently need to display additional information along with video, such as the username, mute/unmute button, etc.
Calling the “canvas.getContext(“2d”)” function on canvas is required to do that. nonetheless, the moment I call this method, I receive the following error:

cdc37ca3-005f-43ed-a64d-499975686a4e:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘addEventListener’)
at p.webGLContextLostProtect (cdc37ca3-005f-43ed-a64d-499975686a4e:1:181061)
at p.Get_Display (cdc37ca3-005f-43ed-a64d-499975686a4e:1:182334)
at cdc37ca3-005f-43ed-a64d-499975686a4e:1:167535

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