Webhook always invalid


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API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
Link the API endpoint(s) and/orZoom API Event(s) you’re working with to help give context.

I’m installing an endpoint that meets the requirements above but still I’m getting an unsuccessful validation when using the Zoom Marketplace


How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Install an agent with elastic.co fleet in GKE. Create a Service and an Ingress to expose the endpoint wit TLS
2. curl that endpoint from outside the cluster and get back {"message": "success"} with 200 OK
*3. Try to validate with Zoom Marketplace and fail *

I can provide the actual endpoint if necessary but not publicly.

Question: From what I understand the requirement posted above don’t compel my endpoint to give back any specific payload. A 200 OK should suffice. Although in section “Create the response JSON object” of the same page implies the endpoint needs to respond with a specific payload.
Could you tell me which one is the correct one, please?

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Hi @francisco.lopezsanch
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When implementing webhooks, you will need to Validate your endpoint URL before you start receiving events, here is the link to our Docs:


Sending a 200 ok is not enough, as you will see in the documentation, you need to respond with a JSON object with a key of "plainToken" with a value of the plainToken from the request body, and a key of "encryptedToken" with a value of the hashed plainToken.

Here is a link to a sample app that will help you in case you need some reference:

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This helps a lot, Elisa. Much appreciated.

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