Webhook event to let us know that participant (Not host) join meeting before host join (Join before host is disable)

Webhook event to let us know that participant (Not host) join meeting before host join (Join before host is disable)

Want to know is there any webhook event.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Join meeting as participant before host and let’s check it that webhook (Which webhook) return on that particular event

@tommy can you please help me out on this.

Hi @vbhosale
Thanks for reaching out to us! I am happy to help here!
If Join before host is disabled, then participants wont be able to join the meeting so no events will be triggered.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @elisa.zoom, thanks for the reply.

But my question is this, if join before host is disable and still want to know / want an event happen, so is there any event there.
Because requirement is, there should not be any option to join before host, so Join Before Host is Disable.

When participant join zoom meeting first it shows message like Waiting for the host to start this meeting, So is there any event like this.

Ah ok! Got it!
Have you looked into the event Participant waiting for host to join?

I think this is what you are looking for

Let me know if this helps,

@elisa.zoom , I’m trying the same event but some how event is not getting trigger I guess.

Point’s verified :

  1. Enable Join before host is currently disabled.
  2. Event Participant waiting for host to join subscription is currently enabled.
  3. End point is working ok, other events are getting logged.

Any other point which I’m missing.

Hey @vbhosale

I see…
I just tested this on my end and it works. The event is getting delivered about 10 seconds after the participant joins (at least on my end)

Hi @elisa.zoom , is there any way in zoom portal to test if event is working or not or we can get to know it is fired.

Hi @elisa.zoom ,
One more question is there any character limit to zoom meeting ‘Topic’?

Hi @vbhosale
There are some steps that might help you to debug your issue:

  1. Send a post request to your Endpoint URL, if you do not receive this event then you will have to check your Endpoint

  2. If you DO RECEIVE the post request, but not the Zoom events, try replacing your endpoint with a test endpoint of your preference (such as webhook.site).

  3. If you receive events and Zoom events in this test endpoint, please check that your Endpoint URL is working properly.

@vbhosale the character limit for topic is 200 characters :slight_smile:

@elisa.zoom thanks for the help.
I’m not sure but what I have observed is, If added/altered any new webhook event it is taking time to reflect.
Is it correct, event take time start working (reflect) once added/altered?

@elisa.zoom , thanks for the information.

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