Webhook events stopped suddenly

Hi Support,
Webhook events stopped suddenly from Zoom for all of our applications. It is working so far ( at least for the lost 3 months).

Could please help us.

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Hi All,

I have a support ticket open, but just wanted to reply and note that our webhooks have stopped after Aug 3rd as well. I realize according to status.zoom.us there were platform updates made on Aug 4th, so perhaps related? Our webhooks have also been working find for several months, until yesterday.

Hi @yln99517/@prashant,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll have our Engineering team investigate the issue and follow up with you as soon as possible.


we’ve also stopped receiving all webhooks across all of our apps. definitely something broken here.

still nothing, any updates here?

@ryan, @prashant, @yln99517

You need to upgrade to TSLv1.2 and then it will work. Apologies for not making an announcement about this. We will add documentation shortly.


Hi @tommy ,

Thanks for the reply! Our servers do support inbound connections with TLSv1.2. In fact we have ONLY supported TLSv1.2 for several months. I have verified this. To be specific, our endpoint resolves to an AWS ALB using “ELBSecurityPolicy-TLS-1-2-2017-01” (TLS ciphers listed there).

We haven’t had any issue with webhooks before this. Since this is an incoming webhook connection from zoom’s server to ours, and we’ve been only using TLSv1.2, I’m not convinced that this is the issue. Also, our outbound API calls to the zoom api are successful.




Hi, All REST api’s (like create/end meeting) from our servers to Zoom are working fine. The only problem is WebHooks. Can you give more information what is required from our end to comply with Zoom?
Does the below configuration is OK?

Webhooks appear to have started coming through again as of 06:45 UTC. Any information about the service disruption? Doesn’t look like status.zoom.us was ever updated to reflect the issue.

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Zoom Support,
Any update why suddenly it started working?

Hey @ryan, @yln99517, @prashant

This was actually a bug from one of our dependencies. It is fixed now. Next time we will be sure to update our status page.


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Our webhook calls have resumed. Thanks!

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Good to hear!


Can we expect a post mortem on this?

This is a pretty major outage that seemed to have only been discovered because of users posting about it on this forum.

Ive just been speaking to support about a different question and happened to bring up the subject of webhooks - we lost them between 3rd and 6th of Aug. He didnt know any specific issue ! Kind of glad to see it wasnt just us but concerned about the fact it happened

Hey @matt,

We apologize for this outage, we have multiple engineering teams and this issue was an internal communication error on our part. We are already working on a process to prevent this kind of communication gap from happening again, and if it does happen again, to notify the correct teams and developers using our APIs.


Hey @tonyb,

Sorry you lost your webhooks between the 3rd and 6th. We do have Report endpoints that can access similar webhook data that you may have missed depending on which ones you were using.