Add webinar registrant api

While adding registrant in webinar through api, it’s throwing below exception.

I/O exception ( caught when processing request to {s}-> Connection reset

Hey @ganesh.bachhav,

Please provide more details. What App Type (JWT or OAuth) and provide your request url, headers, and body. (Leave out sensitive information)


We are having this same issue, as well. Any request that we send is causing this exception to occur. Connections were working fine by close of business on Friday.

We are using a JWT app.

Example request:{userId}

We were experiencing a similar issue after the updates this past weekend. The client we were using was based on an older version of Java 1.7 that did not have TSLv1.2 support. Upgrading and using TSLv1.2 appears to have corrected our issue

@ganesh.bachhav, @jjumper, @john1492

You need to upgrade to TSLv1.2 and then it will work. Apologies for not making an announcement about this.