Webhook for "Personal Meeting Room settings" updated

when i am changing password for personal zoom meeting room, it is also affecting all the meetings that are created with “use PMI when creating scheduled meeting” on, that is perfectly fine, but i am not recieving webhook update for that.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a meeting with having “use PMI when creating scheduled meeting” option on. (via api or zoom UI)
  2. update personal meeting room settings (not the meeting it self, updating meeting instance is triggering webhook and working fine) from zoom UI. (Meeting updated webhook is not triggerred) or no any other related webhooks found to know that pmi settings have been changed.

Hey @vinaysudani9, thanks for bringing this up. We recently changed most of these PMI settings APIs so I’ll need to do some testing. If this is not returning we may need to do a quick feature add to one of our events.

Have you used the User Settings Updated event? pmi_password is a User Settings value, if it is changed it would not be updated in the Meeting, but the user settings.

I Subscribed to “User Seetings Updated Event” but no luck

it is not firing either when changing PMI password from Meeting settings section, or from edit personal meeting settings page,

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot from 2020-04-15 09-06-28

Screenshot 2: attached in next reply

Hi @vinaysudani9, thanks for all the information. I’ve reproduced this and will get this addressed.

From what I see:

If you update passwords on all meetings, a user.settings_updated event delivers.

If you require your PMI to require a password, user.settings_updated event delivers.

If you change the password on your PMI without a meeting scheduled, no event is delivered.

If you schedule a meeting with your PMI, then add/change a password, a meeting.updated event delivers.

Thanks again for identifying this, we’ll get to work on this.

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Hi @michael.harrington ,

Jumping in as we’re experiencing this issue as well. Repro steps:

  1. Created scheduled meeting using PMI (use_pmi=true) and
  2. Updated my Personal Meeting Room password via website (zoom.us/meeting > Personal Meeting Room > Edit this Meeting > edited password > Save)
  3. No webhook received. Went back to scheduled meeting and verified that “Invite Link” changed.

Current scopes we are using:

  • Meeting has been updated
  • User’s profile info has been updated
  • User’s settings have been updated

Updating fields other than password triggers a user.updated webhook
When updating “Meeting ID” and “Password”, the webhook payload includes the new ‘Meeting ID’ but does not include the new ‘Password’. (See below)

Updated data on zoom.us

Webhook body:

  event: 'user.updated',
  payload: {
    account_id: '<redacted>',
    operator: '<redacted>',
    operator_id: '<redacted>',
    object: { id: '<redacted>', pmi: 9153051090 },
    old_object: { id: '<redacted>', pmi: 4130050090 },
    time_stamp: 1591906693856

Is this expected?

Hey @dad,

Thanks for the info, engineering is look into this issue and I will provide you with updates. (ZOOM-170214)


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Hey @dad,

After speaking with engineering, currently we do not have a webhook that will trigger when updating the PMI.

Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests