Webhook integration with Splunk - ERROR HttpInputDataHandler

We have integrated our Zoom account with Splunk via the webhook on the Zoom side. Zoom then sends us data via our externally facing Load Balancer and it is then ingested into splunk.

In /opt/splunk/var/log/splunk/splunkd.log we are seeing this error with some frequency, however I’m not sure what it is. A parsing error?

ERROR HttpInputDataHandler - Failed processing http input, token name=zoom, channel=n/a, source_IP=(LoadBalancer IP), reply=9, events_processed=0, http_input_body_size=230

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @mlcooper,

Thanks for reaching out about this. To clarify, is this a Zoom error or a Splunk-related error?

It almost seems like this is in reference to Splunk having ingestion issues, but let me know if I’m misunderstanding. Can you confirm splunk is expecting JSON payloads from Zoom?


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