Webhook recording.recovered Operator Value, documentation


I’m currently working on some updates to an integration using the Webhook APIs and having some discrepancies between the docs and values I getting back over the wire.

Namely, I’m working off a subscription to the >recording.recovered< Webhook event,

First of all, even though the Zoom Docs seem to imply the email would be in the Operator_id
“event”: “string”,
“event_ts”: “long”,
“payload”: {
“account_id”: “string”,
“operator”: “string”,
“operator_id”: “string [email]”,
“object”: {

I actually have to parse the
"operator" for the email of an interactive User’s Email address who activate the Recover in the Zoom Web UI to get the even, the operator_Id seems to the be user’s Id code.

Now for the question, can someone give me a confirmation on the source values if / when the call is being made via an API integration via JWT bearer token!

PUT “https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/” +Uuid + “/recordings/status”
with Body : “{\r\n “action”: “recover”\r\n}”

On the return >object.payload.operator< , Is this the email address of the person who setup the JWT token ?

We need to be able to easily identify / distinguish “user driven” VS API based automated recovery calls and this would seem like a good identifier, however I would like confirmation.

Thanks for any assistance.

Hey @Nicolai,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Yes, I can confirm that the operator field from the recording.recovered webhook is indeed the email of the user that requested the recovery:


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the reply,
Can you help clarify what the Operator field address will be when the calls are being made VIA a JWT token API call ? (Non interactive user)
Is this always the Account Admin email address ?
Thanks for any further clarfication.

Hey @Nicolai ,

If the action is done via API to recover a recording, the operator will be the id/email of the JWT app owner.


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