Webhook request doen't contains alternative hosts

After scheduling a meeting with a user in the Alternative Hosts field, Zoom sends a webhook request payload where alternative hosts field is empty.

    "event": "meeting.created",
    "payload": {


            "settings": {
                            "use_pmi": false,
                            "alternative_hosts": ""


Both users are Licensed. Do you have any suggestion? Thanks!

@johnny.cash.in.testi , when you use the GET a meeting endpoint, can you see the alternative hosts listed there?

If that endpoint yields blank for alternative_hosts in the settings object, it’s likely that you are assigning alt hosts incorrectly when creating the meeting.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @gianni.zoom , thanks for response. I forgot to mention, that I use a web gui to schedule a zoom meeting from this page https://zoom.us/meeting/schedule. And after creation, when I click the Edit button on the Upcoming list item, I see my alternative host user there.

No, GET request to https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{meetingId} also returns an empty alternative_hosts field.

Interesting! @johnny.cash.in.testi can you please PM me the following:

Thank you!

Customer clarified they can see alternative_hosts in https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{meetingId} , but webhook value is still empty. We are investigating via Service Engineering (ZSEE-71901).

For anyone else who may have this issue, I confirmed with Service Engineering that this is a bug. They will deploy a fix December 3rd.

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