Alternative hosts in meeting

When creating a meeting via the API, there is a string field called ‘settings.alternative_hosts’. What is the use of this field as host can make any user a host who will be present in meeting.?

Hey @rohit,

Here are details about the alternative hosts:


So can we pass any email address in comma separate string and those email addresses get the rights to host that relevant meeting?

Any check will be performed like those email addresses are having Zoom Pro account access or not, and based on that they will be accepted as alternative hosts or we receive some error code in api response?

Hey @pmlokava,

The email has to be a user on your Zoom account. Please see the prerequisites here:


Thank you @tommy for your quick response.

Sorry, as i am integrating Zoom APIs for the first time, asking few more relevant questions here.

1) When you say alternative host email id has to be a user on your zoom account, are you referring to the Sub Accounts ( or referring to the Users (

2) And if i enter any other email id (which is not part of my zoom users or sub account) then will the api throw me relevant error code?

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Hey @pmlokava, no worries, happy to help!





I am facing an issue in zoom update API. when i am updating an occurrence its working fine.
but when i started updating an alternative host my occurrences are disappears from zoom meeting. can you suggest something

Hey @elona.choo,

Checkout this thread for updating recurring meetings: