Webhook validation url works, but webinar.end signature always fails

Hi, we are trying to implement the new webhook validation based on signatures and we have a weird issue.

The webhook for the “endpoint url validation” is already validated for our app in development and production, but the process alwais fails to validate the webinar.end notification signature.

The way to validate this signature is the same as for the endpoint url validation call, so it is pretty extrange that this one fails.

We would need some assistance here.

Thank you.

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Ok, we have managed to fix it.

The thing is we are using PHP for the backend, and we need to encode back to json the body we received. In that encoding process, PHP escapes the forwardslash “/” as “\/”, so our JSON wasn’t the original JSON. This doesn’t happend on the notification endpoint url validation, where the body doesn’t have any “/” in it.

So, for those with problems related to bad signatures of webhooks using PHP, ,NET, Java or any other language that escapes the fordwardslash “/” when encoding to JSON, try to prevent it from happening.

In our case using the flag “JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES”.

$json = json_encode($body, JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES)

Hope this helps somebody else to figure out what is going on with their issues.

Thanks so much for updating us with this!