Webhook when a meeting is recovered

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
We are creating meetings with the Zoom API for our elearning platform. Meetings are associated with courses, so we can show course members a personal list of upcoming meetings. For that we keep local references of all meetings and occurrences.

These are synced from Zoom through webhooks, because changes made by meeting owners through the Zoom website or other apps must be reflected. So does deleting a meeting or occurrence trigger the meeting.deleted event.

But recovering meetings or occurrences from the trash doesn’t trigger anything. If a meeting owner (accidentally) deletes a meeting and recovers it afterwards (through the Zoom website), the meetings keeps deleted in our platform, which should not. The owner expects to see it again in our platform.

Describe the solution you’d like
Extend the existing webhook meeting.created or create a new one meeting.recovered/restored/undeleted that is triggered when a meeting or meeting occurrence has been recovered from the trash.

Btw there should be a flag indicating a meeting or occurrence is currently in the trash when using at least GET /meetings/{meetingId}.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
An adverse alternative is polling. Nobody wants that :wink: