Webinar embed in Web SDK - before meeting start issues

I was trying to use the Web SDK to display a Webinar, but the behavior pre-meeting is not ideal.
When I load up a webinar with no registration required/no join code required, if you call .join() before the meeting starts, you get an error message with the text “Meeting has not started”. I believe this is designed behavior, but it does not work for our use case. The ideal behavior would work like this:

  1. We start the webinar in practice room mode, get everything setup and all the speakers ready.
  2. While we are in practice room mode, the students/viewers would open the webpage that is using the SDK, and see some kind of “meeting is not yet started screen”, but where once the meeting starts they would be instantly joined.
  3. We would start the webinar (no longer in practice room) and the viewers would immediately be joined in and we would not need to pause more than a short time at the beginning for people to join, instead starting content almost immediately.

The current SDK doesn’t seem to allow this process. Are there any plans to have either of the following in the SDK in the future ?

  1. The ability to await the webinar start instead of throwing an error if the webinar has not yet begun.
  2. Or the SDK would display some sort of waiting to start button instead of throwing an error

Hey @jacobsta811,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. You bring up a good point here. First, I’ll say that this is definitely something we are looking to improve in the future. Improving our error messaging and customizability of the Web SDK is on our roadmap.

When it comes to the Get a Meeting API, you can use the status property to check if a meeting has started before admitting participants. However, when it comes to the Get a Webinar API, there is no status property.

This means that, in the meantime, using the webinar.started webhook is likely the best option here. You can listen for that webhook event and admit users once a specific webinar has started.

Let me know if that helps.


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