Meeting not Started message for webinar to auto refresh when host start meeting

We have a zoom webinar that we integrate into IFrame.
Works perfectly, but if the attendee comes before the webinar is started by the host, he gets the “Meeting not started” message with OK and Retry buttons, which is fine, but after the webinar is started by the host, the attendee is stuck on the page and can miss the beginning of the webinar if he doesn’t hit Retry. We can do some js refresh of the zoom page at some intervals but I wonder, is there any native web SDK workaround to make the “Meeting is not started” to disappear automagically after the host starts the meeting?

Which version?

Hey @akrosoft,

We currently do not have this functionality with the Web SDK. Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests

Your workaround is a good one, refreshing at a certain interval. :slight_smile:


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