Webinar Plan for using Zoom API for Conference


Our company has starting to develop Virtual Conference platform and will using Zoom for hosting conference.

Our Conference scenario is as follows:

We need to hold a conference with a strength of 400 participants, which will include moderator, speakers, and delegates.

Participants will be authenticating using the virtual platform, once they have logged into our virtual platform then we need to simply redirect them to Zoom’s web conference platform.

The user control needs to differ in Zoom conference as per their role. (e.g., Recording access needs to be only with Moderator).

We have just started working Zoom so we new with this technology.

What I need to know:

  1. Can you help me to figure which Webinar Plan do I need to use for production and development environment.
  2. Also how can I get a trial webinar plan for POC and development.
  3. What is the different between Webinar and Large meeting.
  4. How many speakers can I added in webinar and large meeting respectively.

Any help would be appreciated. Request you an early response as we have shott development time frame.

Hi @khanmdmudassir,

Since I can see we’ve already connected over at Developer Support, I will continue the conversation there.