Webinar Q&A in webclient SDK

I’m using the WebClient SDK (version 1.7.4) on my website.
In this page: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/web#browser-support
I can see that Q&A is available on the WebClient SDK, but I wasn’t able to use Q&A feature in the web app (I’ve used the sample app )

It seems that as a host, i can’t see any of the questions from a user that sends questions to the host (in Q&A window).

is this feature working well in the webClient?

Hi @sharon,

You should be able to use Webinar Q&A feature for only as an attendee at this time. If you join as an Webinar attendee using the Web SDK and the Host is on a native client. You should be able to use the Q&A feature.

Can you try upgrading to 1.7.7? Let us know if this works for you or not. We’ll be more than happy to get this resolved for you.

I’m using the 1.7.7 version in my website, but the Q&A feature does not work on my website.

I’ve seen that in the “sample-web-app” the Q&A is working but in my website it is NOT working…
*I used the same code in my website also.

What can be the problem? any idea?

Hi Michael, @Michael_Purnell
I have the same issue, and another thing happens to me - when I join the webinar using the SDK, the host cannot see my attendee name and email. What can I do about it?
It seems that this is why I cannot “ask” any Q&A or raise my hand.
Any idea how to fix this?
Yehuda Knoll

Hey @sharon,

If it works in the sample app it should work. Make sure your code is the same and you have all the Web SDK scripts.


Hey @yehuda.knoll,

Can you provide steps to reproduce the attendee name and email issue?


Hi @tommy
We fixed the problem in our website

We needed to set the passWord field when we called to ZoomMtg.join
(We set an empty password though…)


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@sharon did you find the solution for the Q&A button because I am facing the same issue

Hey @sharon,

Happy to hear you resolved your issue! Yes the passWord key is required.


Hey @houssam.hammoud,

Did you follow the Web SDK Webinar tutorial?