Webinar - unique Webinar Passcode and PayPal discount code option


I have created a paid webinar. Zoom’s support is unable to help and sends me to their articles.

  1. How to automatically (or manually) generate unique passcodes for every participant who paid (integrated PayPal)?

  2. How to enable a “promo code” option in the payment option. PayPal informed, that it has to be done from the “shop” level. If I understand it correctly, it would be Zoom.

Thank you for your support.

We have nearly identical questions:

  1. Unique passcodes for paid participants
  2. Enabling promo codes for payments OR
  3. Having different fees for webinars? Example:

$10.00 for Members
$20.00 for Nonmembers

I’ve opened a ticket w/ Zoom and support has bumped it up to sales.

Here’ s an app that we are looking at for this solution:

Secure Registration Forms - Donations & PayPal

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Hi there,

Thank you for your reply. I looked into it briefly before but I was assured by ZOOM that I’ll be able to have unique passcodes. I am very unhappy and now frustrated to trying to find the solution before the big event. All needs to go smooth and so far ZOOM didn’t meet not only expectations but also misinformed me.

Anyway, how is your experience with the app?


We confirmed that unique passcodes are given to each person who registers via Zoom. But we’d need the Powr PayPal Button pricing app to get different fees and discount or promo codes.

We opted not to use the Powr PayPal Button pricing app. The pricing plans did not meet our needs for monthly transactions. They offer four plans: 25, 50, 100, or unlimited transactions per month. We needed @ 300 transactions per month.

Instead we setup custom buttons in PayPal and send registrants there first, and after payment they’re sent to the registration page. Still not the best solution but we don’t have the added monthly fee from Powr.

This is very inefficient. Do I understand it correctly: only registered ones on Zoom would be able to participant in the webinar if I’d want to have a unique code for every participant to join?

Thank you. This is very helpful.

Yes, you are correct, for Webinars. Meetings can be setup so unique codes are not required for each participant.

Hey @editype, @maria1,

After reviewing this discussion, I wanted to know if you both have any outstanding questions I can help answer? :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy,

Unfortunately, I think it’s too late now.
Unless you can solve the issue of creating a dedicated passcode for every participant (incl. unregistered ones).


Hi @maria1,

Thanks for letting us know—while I’m afraid that’s not possible for webinars, do let us know if any other questions pop up and we’ll be happy to help.


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