Webinars: Create additional recurrence

Hi - Is it possible to add a single additional recurrence to an existing recurring webinar? You can modify a recurrence, but I don’t see a way to add one. If it’s not there, can that be a feature request? Use case: I’m writing a wordpress plugin to display and manage the webinars. We’d like to be able to create a recurring webinar and then add specific days and times to it. Right now you can only create the webinar with fixed recurring dates/times, and then modify each one. This means you have to first create it and then retrieve all of the recurrence ID’s and then hope you’ve created just the right number to modify. It’s a big pain. If you could create a recurring webinar with a single date/time for the first event, and then add additional ones - this would GREATLY simplify the process.

Hey @labatt,

This is possible. You can modify all occurrences of the Webinar and then change the recurrence settings.

As for the Update a Webinar API, have you tried calling the endpoint to update the recurrence setting without passing in an occurrence query param?