WebSDK 1.7.2 Webinar Join Error

Until a few hours ago, I had no problem joining a webinar using the WebSDK 1.7.2, including via the sample app. Then suddenly, I started getting a front-end error saying “another meeting running”. When I look at the network request itself, I see "status":false,"errorCode":3000,"errorMessage":"The current sdk version doesn't support webinar, please upgrade to the latest version.","result":null

In case it matters, the webinar ID is 566429136, but no matter how many new webinars I try, same issue.

I am quite certain this version supports webinars because not only is it the latest, I was experimenting with it earlier as well. The two error messages also don’t seem to correlate to each other (the front-end one, and the back-end one about the meeting already running).

Version: WebSDK 1.7.2

To Reproduce

  1. Start a webinar (either mine above, or I suppose any other)
  2. Install the sample web app https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web
  3. Try to join the webinar, you may see the front-end and back-end errors I was

Urgent help would be greatly appreciated, as we are building a system for our customers who are having their events canceled to adopt Zoom. Thank you sincerely.

Figured it out - the error message sent down by Zoom both on the back-end and front-end are inaccurate, and different. Pretty confusing, unfortunately.

The issue was “Registration Required” was checked for the webinar. If I uncheck that, everything works fine.

Hi @rahul2,

We’re glad that you have it figured out, Right now we only support non-registered webinars. However, our next WebSDK release we plan on supporting registered webinars.

Let us know if you have any other questions.