WebSDK 1.7.2 Webinar Join Error

Until a few hours ago, I had no problem joining a webinar using the WebSDK 1.7.2, including via the sample app. Then suddenly, I started getting a front-end error saying “another meeting running”. When I look at the network request itself, I see "status":false,"errorCode":3000,"errorMessage":"The current sdk version doesn't support webinar, please upgrade to the latest version.","result":null

In case it matters, the webinar ID is 566429136, but no matter how many new webinars I try, same issue.

I am quite certain this version supports webinars because not only is it the latest, I was experimenting with it earlier as well. The two error messages also don’t seem to correlate to each other (the front-end one, and the back-end one about the meeting already running).

Version: WebSDK 1.7.2

To Reproduce

  1. Start a webinar (either mine above, or I suppose any other)
  2. Install the sample web app https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web
  3. Try to join the webinar, you may see the front-end and back-end errors I was

Urgent help would be greatly appreciated, as we are building a system for our customers who are having their events canceled to adopt Zoom. Thank you sincerely.

Figured it out - the error message sent down by Zoom both on the back-end and front-end are inaccurate, and different. Pretty confusing, unfortunately.

The issue was “Registration Required” was checked for the webinar. If I uncheck that, everything works fine.

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Hi @rahul2,

We’re glad that you have it figured out, Right now we only support non-registered webinars. However, our next WebSDK release we plan on supporting registered webinars.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hey, I use the sdk 1.7.6 and it appears the same error:

The current sdk version doesn’t support webinar, please upgrade to the latest version.

Why you put in your Sdk documentation “Start & Join Meeting / Webinar” but you don’t support webinars???!

Hi @garciatorrent96

Our Web SDK supports joining Webinars only as an attendee at this time. We will support Start webinars as host and joining webinars as panelist in our upcoming 1.8.0 release - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/getting-started/stay-up-to-date/upcoming-changes/web-sdk

We’ll make sure to update our docs so that it’s clearer to users about what functionality it supports.


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Hi , using the latest websdk version i.e. 1.7.10 but getting this error in logs “The current sdk version doesn’t support webinar, please upgrade to the latest version.”

Edit: Integrating in react js project verison 16.10.2

@awais1304 You have to configure your webinar without Registration required


Thanks @yandryfont.
Disabling this option worked for meScreenshot 2020-07-17 at 11.28.23 AM


Thanks @yandryfont for sharing the solution!

@awais1304 happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile: