Websdk 1.9.9 Library not loading - blank screen on join

Hi. Is anyone else seeing intermittent issues with a blank screen when joining/starting a meeting in websdk. We are on 1.9.9 and will update soon to 2.1. It is a library load issue delay I believe and so if anyone has resolved, would be interested as to how you fixed or if a known issue, etc. Thanks

Share your code to be able to check where is the issue!!

Greetings, @gdrums,

Thank you for writing us. Camera issues with the Web SDK may be related to SharedArrayBuffers and cross-origin isolation. It looks like you are already aware of this document linked below but wanted to link it here for others looking to resolve the described behavior :

Let me know if this helps.


Yes ty. This was such a rush to fix, it was oversite that no one had tracked the origin trials cert was not renewed.


Thank you for sharing this update. For other communities member, I’ve linked a Troubleshooting Chrome’s origin trials guide below :

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