Websockets [Beta] now available on all Zoom Accouts

Hello Everyone!

WebSockets Beta is now live on all Zoom accounts! :tada: Get set to dive into real-time event notification with Zoom using WebSockets.

WebSockets provide a full-duplex communication channel over a single TCP connection. With Zoom’s WebSocket events, you can make a single, secured HTTP request to Zoom, keeping a single connection open to transmit all event data to the client subscribing to the event.

Although WebSockets are still in beta, we’re excited to hear your feedback. Help us refine this real-time feature and shape the future of WebSockets for the broader Zoom developer community!

Need help or have questions? Please post your questions on devforum.zoom.us

Explore real-time updates and events using the example we’ve provided on GitHub.

Want to know more about Zoom’s WebSockets features? Read our comprehensive guide A Guide to Webhooks and WebSockets to fully understand the potential of this game-changing technology.

For detailed information and guidelines on using WebSockets, head over to our WebSockets Documentation.

Happy coding!