How can I use Websocket for the Zoom apps?

I need your help.

My web app uses Webscocket to communicate from server to client.
I believe that all Zoom apps should be specify the url in “Add allow lists” as the white list.
But, I can’t specify “wss” protocol!!!

Currently, can I use Webscocket in the Zoom apps?

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Hi @Nobuhiro,

Are you building an OAuth app or some other kind of app? If this is in reference to Zoom Apps in-meeting app types that are still in beta, let me know.


Hi Will,
Thanks for your reply.

I’m building a OAuth app.
Could you tell me “in-meeting app”?

Hey @Nobuhiro,

While we have released some Zoom Apps, we haven’t made this feature available to all developers just yet. We plan to open up our closed beta in the near future. Please subscribe to the latest news at


Hi MaxM,

Thanks for your reply.
I will check the latest news at

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Thank you, @Nobuhiro!