Welcome all Zoom Apps developers to the Developer Forum

Hey there, thanks for joining us. This forum is a home for anyone building on the Zoom developer platform to ask questions, look for guidance, and share feedback. This Zoom Apps category is dedicated to discussing the development of Zoom Apps.

This category is private while in developer beta. Only developers in this beta program (and Zoom staff) will see or reply to posts we make. When we release Zoom Apps to general developer availability, we’ll move this to a public forum (date TBD, but soon).

Other categories may also be relevant to your development work, like APIs & Webhooks, App Submission, or Meeting SDK if you’re working on a meeting bot. You’re very welcome to post here, but do note that these are not private. We ask you not to post any information about the beta program or Zoom Apps JSSDK in these categories.

To ask a question, please create a new post in this category. Feel free to directly tag someone if you want a specific individual’s view, but rest assured, we’ll see your post.

For questions on the use of Zoom Apps and the Marketplace, we recommend the Zoom Support site and the Zoom Community.

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Here comes everybody!

Y’all did read the Beta Developer Docs before making a mess of this place, didn’t you?