What are the possible values of "health" in Room Details

I am using Dashboard API to retrieve Room details. In the response JSON there is “health” key. in the sample its value is “critical”. What are the other possible values?

Also, what are the possible values of “issues”, in the same object Zoom Room?


Hi @amanchan ,

Can you please link the documentation you’re referencing and screenshots of the request/response you’re seeing for further clarification? Thanks so much!


Hi @gianni.zoom
Here is the link to Room Details API

Get Zoom Rooms details - Dashboards - Zoom API - API Reference - Zoom Developer - Technical Documentation and Reference

The schema tells about this 2 fields Issues (array of string) and Health (string). Sample data gives value as “critical”. While testing in our org I found 2 possible values for “health” : “critical” or “healt” : “NoIssue”

I do need the exhaustive list of possible values. Document does not mention this…

Hey @amanchan,

Thank you for confirming. I’ve reached out to our engineering team for further information. I’ll let you know when I hear back from them.



@amanchan Thanks for your patience! The possible values are: critical, warning and noissue,

I hope that helps!


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