What are the prerequisites of view related functions?

What are the prerequisites of the switchFloatVideoToMinimizeMode, switchMiniVideoModeUI and other view related functions? In which view and mode are they available? I would like to understand when it makes sense to show the appropriate buttons.

Hi @tmiskiew,

Thanks for the post. Regarding your questions:

  • switchFloatVideoToMinimizeMode: This only works while sharing the screen
  • switchMiniVideoModeUI: This works when the isInMiniVideoMode returns YES
 * @brief Switch UI between mini video and mini bar(without video), it works only when isInMiniVideoMode = YES.
 * @return If the function succeeds, it will return the ZoomSDKError_Success, otherwise failed.
- (ZoomSDKError)switchMiniVideoModeUI;

Hope this helps. Thanks!