What data is available with all Devices in our account?

FYI: I have generated an JWT App entry at https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/build

All of the info I wish to get via the API is listed on our device management page at https://ourcompany.zoom.us/device

Can all, or most this be obtained from the API?

  • Get all devices in our account.

  • Associated Zoom Room location & Zoom Room Name.

  • Scheduler and Control iPads iOS current versions.

  • Zoom Rm version on Flat panel display, DTENs and others.

  • IP Address for each device.

Hi @mike.hutchinson ,

Is this the info you are able to see via that link?

If so, this is what is available for devices:


Yes, I can what I need I can see this via that link.

I was hoping to make this data refreshable in my excel Power Query, but I am finding the topic is just a bit over my head and too time consuming to successfully implement.

There is an Export button on the page that will provide what I need - and looks to be easiest for now and as close as I can get to refreshable data.

Thanks for your input.

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