What encryption does zoom's password url use? ( Using the sdk and zoom api to send chat messages, working on duplication invitation link)


I’m using the zoom sdk and api together to make a resource for our customers to chat, and at the moment I have everything running pretty smoothly. However, I’m working on making an auto-generated -and-sent invitation link through chat, and was wondering how I duplicated the ?password= portion of the link using the set password. I’m assuming it’s running through some kind of encryption. Is there a doc or resource on what it uses, so I can duplicate it in a way that clicking the link will still send the users through to the call?

If you create an Instant Meeting (type: 1) and set use_pmi = false, it will auto-generate a password (and meeting number) for you, and will include the encrypted and plaintext passwords in the response which you can use when sending a link.

It sounds like Instant Meetings might be best suited to your use case anyway.


Hey @nb_et2,

Yes, like @sales1 said, you can get the encrypted password from the Create and Get meeting responses.


Adding to this further, the Meeting Response appears to include the Encrypted Password, if the password is provided/set when creating, for any meeting type. Not necessarily just instant meetings (it just happens that instant meetings auto create passwords, though this behaviour can be replicated based on your settings for other meeting types, eg setting require password at the user/account level, IIRC).

You’re not explicitly bound to instant meetings if you need to add the encrypted password to a link.

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Sounds good, the instant meeting api endpoint worked. Thanks.


Thanks @sales1! :slight_smile:

Glad you got it working @nb_et2! :slight_smile: