ZOOM Passwords encryption in URL

I have my Meeting Id and password for a Zoom Meeting that is given to us by our teachers.
However the password for the meetings is not embedded in the URL provided. So it is a bit tiring to enter the password manually every time.

I would like to know how Zoom encrypts the meeting passwords and how can we achieve the same?

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Welcome to the Developer Forum and thank you for your question. As Tommy noted,
the hash is generated via our backend and we cannot share the algorithm that does this to generate the hash with the plain text meeting password. To learn more about Zoom Encryption, please review our Whitepaper here. Additionally, here is the link to Tommy’s Post:

You may also find our Embedding meeting passcode in invite link documentation helpful as well:

I hope this helps.


So, suppose I have only the meeting id and password. How can I create a embeded meeting link using only this data?


Currently creating an embedded meeting link using only the meeting Id and password is not supported. However, if you looking to format the Join URL to avoid manually entering the password, you can append the passcode to the URL. Here is what that would look like: https://domain/{meetingid}?pwd={password}

To learn more about embedding meeting passcode in the invite link, see our help documentation here.


Here is what that would look like: https://domain/{meetingid}?pwd={password}

So, assume the Meeting ID is 123456789 and the Meeting Password is ABCD.

So, the URL will look like: https://us04web.zoom.us/123456789?pwd=ABCD

Correct me if I am wrong.

You’re correct, @TECH-SAVVY-GUY !

You’re correct, @TECH-SAVVY-GUY !

Woah! A few days ago this method was not working!
But strangely it seems to work now!
Thanks! :v:t3:

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Glad to hear it is working @TECH-SAVVY-GUY ! Be sure to post again if there is anything else we can help with.


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