What is the best mechanism to subscribe to real-time messages in a 1-1 chat for external processing?


For a support application, we wish to use Zoom between the end-user and a support specialist. Both will use Zoom. The specialist will use the desktop application.
We wish to develop an add-on app/plugin, which should

  1. be able to add a UI component to the desktop Zoom application that can be launched on demand.
  2. the added component should be able to subscribe to all IM/chat messages coming in from the end-user. Out app/plugin will act on each IM message, process it using an external web service by sending each message to the web service, and display the result of the web-service lookup on the message to the support specialist in the newly added UI component.
  3. From this UI component, the specialist should be able to click a button and inject an IM/chat message into the conversation.
  4. The end user interface is unchanged.


  1. Is this feasible in the current desktop SDK? If all of it is not, which parts are? Any road map items for what is not feasible today
  2. What classes are good places to start? Any sample code for somewhat similar functionality
  3. If not the desktop SDK, any other SDK/API that can used to build this solution

Hi Gauraves,

Thanks for interested in using Zoom SDK. Unfortunately, our desktop SDKs do not have any IM/chat message features at this point.

However, it is possible to chat while in the meeting, both Windows & Mac has the in-meeting chat feature, but currently only Windows SDK offers the ability to control the chat. for example:

If you are interested in having hands-on experience with this feature, please try out our Windows SDK demo:https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-windows
The part that implements the chatting feature in our demo: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-windows/blob/f3785dc031c465db7249c7000736ab0b7019255f/sdk_demo/sdk_demo_v2/chat_controller_ui.cpp

Regarding the IM feature, I will forward this feature request to our engineers. Please follow our Github repos for any updates.

Hope this helps. Thanks!