Functionalities for Managing In-Meeting Chat & In-Meeting Chat Messages

Developers using the Zoom Web SDK may desire the ability to programmatically:

  1. Hide/Show the Zoom In-Meeting Chat UI for: (all || group || individual) meeting participant(s)
  2. Send In-Meeting Chat messages to: (all || group || individual) meeting participant(s)
  3. Listen for In-Meeting Chat Messages sent to: (host || co-host), in addition to being able to listen for messages sent by users 1:1 directly in-response to programmatically sent messages (like in item 2 above)

I did not see (one || some || any) of these function(s) available in the Zoom Web SDK Reference, and wanted to ask if I am looking in the right place to find the functionality I am seeking, or if these features are not currently supported.

If these features are not currently supported:

  • Are (any || some || all) of these on the Zoom Web SDK Roadmap?
  • If ANY are not on the roadmap, and I would like to submit them as a new feature request, how can I do that and what is the URL please?