What is the exact deadline of enforcing older versions of meeting SDK?

Now we are using Zoom adroid SDK version 5.0.24437.0708 in our production application.

I have received an email from Zoom. Describing that enforcing will begin at August 6th, 2022. As follow the detail in this link Zoom Client Minimum Version.

But in the SDK documentation. It is described in minimum version section that the enforcement date will be November 5th, 2022. As follow the detail in this link SDK minimum version policy.

Could you please confirm the enforcement date for my SDK version?


Sorry about the confusion. The email that was sent recently refers to upgrading the Zoom Client and the SDKs This is something that Zoom does to make sure that end-users are not using older software that may have security issues. So all in all, you will need to update the Android SDK before Aug 6th.

The Android SDK will need to meet the version requirements outlined in the SDK minimum version policy (https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/overview/minimum-version/).

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@shariq.torres, this seems to be misleading because you say, “you will need to update the Android SDK before Aug 6th” eliminating 3 months from a timeline expressed on the page you reference:

We rushed a quick fix out the door due to the notification and your confirmation of the reduced timeline. However, we are seeing the older SDKs continue to work. Can you please provide clarification on your statement?

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Exactly we also did it for our app. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, I do apologize for the confusion around this. There are two big pushes happening around the same time but for different reasons.

The first one was a need for developers to stop using anything below 5.4 (either the client or the SDK) because of a security concern.

The second one is a part of a larger Zoom initiative for a regular upgrade schedule.

OP received an email because they were on a version that was lower than 5.4. If the security bug didn’t exist, there would only be one deadline – the one in November. But because the bug did exist, there was a need to migrate people away from versions below 5.4.

I hope this clears things up. In the future, I will make some sort of disclaimer about whether an upgrade notice is due to security concerns or is a part of the minimum SDK enforcement policy.

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