What is the relation between User Id, Account ID, Account Number?

Hi Support,

In the Zoom API: Get User Details getting the below response and I want to know the relationship between these.
“id”: “xyz-fCoTTGfffxxx-wwtg”,
“account_id”: “PY11grgegWWWW-UDQ”,
“account_number”: 111111111

As per document it is

  • id is User ID

  • account_id is User’s account ID.

  • account_number is The user’s account number.

Can you clarify the below one?
Created an account(Organization A).

  • There is 3 user in Organization A’s account.

So in this case,
Have all 3user in Organization A’s account have the same

  • account_id

  • account_number


will it be unique per User like User ID?


User ID: Alphanumeric unique ID to identify a user.
Account Number: Unique Numeric ID to identify an Account
Account ID: Unique Alphanumeric id to identify an account.