What really is ZAK token needed for?

I have tried but couldn’t find much information about it. I know that we can join and start meetings with it. But I can start meetings and join them without using ZAK token. As I understand I cannot create meetings with ZAK. So, do I need to used it for security purposes or for other reasons?
A good detail will be helpful for me to make my implementation better.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @saad0112

The main purpose of the ZAK is to start or join a meeting on behalf of some user via API. Zoom meetings and webinars can be started with your SDK JWT and a User Zoom Access Key (ZAK) token as well.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Thanks @rarev for your reply. I wanted to ask that I can start and join meetings without ZAK, so is it really necessary? Also I have to create meeting by some access token not ZAK ?


Are you currently needing to use the ZAK token? Or is there an issue that you’re running into with the ZAK?

We have some more documentation on using the ZAK here.

Thanks again @rarev for reply. I can join and start meeting without it, I just wanted to confirm that do I need to use it for security purposes or etc ?