Zak join option in meeting websdk

I have seen from the Typescript typings (websdk/index.d.ts at master · zoom/websdk · GitHub) that the last versions of the zoom web sdk accept a zak option in the join method.
Does this means that is possible to start a meeting for a logged user that is not necessarily the owner of the JWT/SDK app?

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Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Hi, @andresiderio,

Welcome to the Developer Forum and thank you for posting! To answer your questions, “ZAKs are required to be used in apps which allow meetings to be hosted by users not on the account associated with the SDK Key and Secret (app developer’s account).” To learn more about Zoom Access Token (ZAK), see our help documentation linked below and let us know if you have any additional questions:

Generating Zoom Access Token (ZAK)


Thank you @donte.zoom !
I have read about the ZAK generation and purpose.
I was wondering if ZAK can now be used also in the Web Meeting SDK, since last time I have checked I have found here Meetings that

In a future update, the Web Meeting SDK will support starting meetings on behalf of Zoom users outside of your account via OAuth 2.0.

Since now I have seen that the last versions of the zoom web sdk accept a zak option in the join method, I was wondering if the documentation that I have linked above has not been updated yet, and ZAK can be used with Web Meeting SDK and SDK applications.

Yes @andresiderio , for Client View. Docs and component View ZAK support coming soon. :slight_smile:


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Great! Thank you @tommy

Gald Tommy’s response was helpful, @andresiderio! Be sure to follow our announcements page and our change log to stay up to date!

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