What should I put for OAuth Redirect URL if my app is not intended to use it?


I’m in the process of developing a Zoom app and I have a query regarding the OAuth Redirect URL.

I’ve noticed that the OAuth Redirect URL is listed as a required field for all apps.
However, our app isn’t intended to be installed directly by users.
Instead, it functions as a Zoom bot inserted into meetings to collect meeting data.

Given this setup, it seems that an OAuth Redirect URL may not be necessary for our app.
Is there a specific value or placeholder we should use for the OAuth Redirect URL, considering it won’t be utilized?

Thank you for your assistance!

Hey @toodury ,

Happy to chime in here! We run meeting bots at scale and have helped hundreds of customers get their Zoom SDK Apps through the submission and approval process.

In the case where your app doesn’t rely on additional OAuth permissions/consent, we recommend using the homepage of your app for the OAuth Redirect URL.

Let me know if you have any other questions here!

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