Whats is the general flow of client view

So my question is a bit more generic as I’ve some how manage to get things going.

I’ll explain what i am after and what i am doing now.

I want to be able to create meeting links on behalf of my users accounts. those users will later be able to join those meeting with client view component.

I have 2 environments dev/prod. and i would like to be able to test the entire process on dev before publishing it to prod.

Right now I’ve created 3 apps: 2 OAuth, 1. SDK type.
1 OAuth is for local/dev testing, and 1 OAuth is for prod.
And the SDK is for client view.

Trying to publish them is weird because i am missing details i dont expect to have.
for example why the SDK type require some of the same things as OAuth (like redirectUrl).

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