What's the difference between a scheduled and a prescheduled meeting?

In the /users/{userId}/meetings API (to create a new meeting) documentation there’s a bolean field “prescheduled” that aplies to scheduled meetings only:

What I couldn’t find is what’s the difference between a meeting created with type = 2 (schedulled) with prescheduled=false and prescheduled=true?

Hi @rafael.ceravolo,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and good question—I’m working on confirming this with our Engineering team and I’ll follow up shortly on this.


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Hi @jonas_waugi @rafael.ceravolo,

I’ve confirmed with our Engineering team that meetings created with type 2, and prescheduled=false will be normal scheduled meetings, and can be started as usual.

If prescheduled=true, this meeting can’t be started yet—it will need to be updated to a scheduled meeting before it can be started.

Let me know if this helps to clarify,

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Thanks for the information @will.zoom!

It’s clarified!

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