Meeting Types Question

The ‘meeting’ api returns a meeting with 1 of 4 types (notes in brackets are my interpretations)
1 - instant (a meeting that was created and happened right then)
2 - scheduled (a non-recurring meeting that was created but happened at a future date/time)
3 - recurring, no fixed time ( a recurring meeting that never ends)
4 - recurring, fixed time ( a recurring meeting that stops recurring at some specific time in the future)

My first question is: is my interpretation of the meeting types correct? If its not, can you kindly correct me or point me to some appropriate documentation? [thanx in advance]

My second question:
I pulled a meeting (uuid: URVmygf7SB2ZUG7yE3EcaQ==, meeting id: 892444108, type: 2). This is supposed to be a scheduled meeting (non-recurring). The meeting took place 6+ days ago.

What I’m confused with is that I can’t find this meeting when I query the past meeting end point
{“code”:3001,“message”:“This meeting is not available or ID is not valid.”} . BUT when I query past meeting instance end point, I get a document :slight_smile:url=“

Does that mean that even non-recurring meetings, when they take place, get an entry in past meeting instance which then points back to past meeting?

[thanx for your time]

Hi @etl_collectivei,

Did you get this UUID (URVmygf7SB2ZUG7yE3EcaQ) from past meeting instance?


Hi Michael,

no I didn’t. I was under the impression that past_meeting_instance is for recurring meetings only…but seems to me now that every meeting, regardless of type gets a dip into the past_meeting_instance bucket :slight_smile:

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Did you ever figure this out? I can’t seem to find if the ‘Personal Meeting Room’ meetings (unscheduled ones) appear in the meeting history. It seems like only scheduled ones do, and thus we can’t get a list of participants etc.

I’m also having the same problem where I’m using the right meeting ID (that look very similar to yours (“URVmygf7SB2ZUG7yE3EcaQ==”)) but its giving me a 3001 error.

Any update?

Hi @jackellanapier,

What is the meeting ID that you’re using?

Just answered here. Duplicate post:


Thanks @michael_p.zoom and @tommy - I believe the meetings are listing my previous ones properly, just not in the actual zoom interface. Unfortunately it still doesn’t solve my second issue of not finding my specific meeting.

My meeting ID (in the API url call) is this:

When I call it it’s saying "ID is wrong or no such meeting exists, even though the meeting appears in the list of previous meetings and appears when ‘list meetings’ is called.

I’ve looked into ‘double encoding’ but haven’t a clue what that means sorry. Any thoughts?

Hey @jackellanapier,

To double encode your meetingUUID UbTrnzyuRX6miphn0OMI8g== you can use a site like Just paste in your meetingUUID and then click encode. Use the encoded url in your request path:


You can also encode your meetingUUID progrmatically with code (not sure what language you are using, but here is how to do it with Node.js / JavaScript).

Let me know if that works!