Meeting Types Question


The ‘meeting’ api returns a meeting with 1 of 4 types (notes in brackets are my interpretations)
1 - instant (a meeting that was created and happened right then)
2 - scheduled (a non-recurring meeting that was created but happened at a future date/time)
3 - recurring, no fixed time ( a recurring meeting that never ends)
4 - recurring, fixed time ( a recurring meeting that stops recurring at some specific time in the future)

My first question is: is my interpretation of the meeting types correct? If its not, can you kindly correct me or point me to some appropriate documentation? [thanx in advance]

My second question:
I pulled a meeting (uuid: URVmygf7SB2ZUG7yE3EcaQ==, meeting id: 892444108, type: 2). This is supposed to be a scheduled meeting (non-recurring). The meeting took place 6+ days ago.

What I’m confused with is that I can’t find this meeting when I query the past meeting end point
{“code”:3001,“message”:“This meeting is not available or ID is not valid.”} . BUT when I query past meeting instance end point, I get a document :slight_smile:url=“

Does that mean that even non-recurring meetings, when they take place, get an entry in past meeting instance which then points back to past meeting?

[thanx for your time]


Hi @etl_collectivei,

Did you get this UUID (URVmygf7SB2ZUG7yE3EcaQ) from past meeting instance?



Hi Michael,

no I didn’t. I was under the impression that past_meeting_instance is for recurring meetings only…but seems to me now that every meeting, regardless of type gets a dip into the past_meeting_instance bucket :slight_smile: