What's the difference between join_url and start_url


When we retrieve the meeting details via the API, we get a “start_url”: “string” and a “join_url”: “string”.

  1. What is the difference between these URLs?

  2. In which cases the start_url and join_url will be the same and when will they be different?

  3. Does enabling or disabling the “Join before host” feature for a meeting, affect the start_url or join_url?

  4. Is there any documentation regarding these URLs and the difference between them?




Hi Shahar,

  1. Start URL is for meeting host to start a meeting. The URL will contain a ZPK section which is used for Zoom web backend to authenticate the host. 

Join URL is used for meeting attendees. It contains join meeting link along with meeting ID. Everyone can join the meeting as long as he/she has the join URL

  1. they will never be same

  2. no.

4. https://zoom.github.io/api/

  1. The user who created the meeting is the host?

  2. When I create a meeting in Zoom, the URL I see and the URL shown in the calendar invite are the same and do not contain a ZPK section. Why, as the host, am I not seeing the ZPK section?

  3. Can the host start the meeting with the Join URL?




Hi Shahar,

  1. you can set the host ID when you call the schedule meeting API.

2&3, if the host already got authenticated, for example: he/she is already logged in the client, then no need for extra authentication.