When I use the client view to start a conference, the interface will always be loaded, and an error "NOT_CONNECTED" will appear on the console

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I found the problem about using the client view, but it is normal in the component view

When I use the client view to start a meeting, the console will print an error {type: 'VIDEO', evt: 'ERROR', errorCode: 'NOT_CONNECTED', data: undefined}, and the zoom interface will always be loaded. The information I’m sure is normal

But when I switch to the component view, everything will be normal and the meeting will officially start

Can someone tell me what to do to resolve the client view error?

computer: macOS
browser: Google Browser
frame: React ^17.0.1

Error from running Client View:

Running Component View is normal:

Hi @eric1 ,

Which version of the SDK are you running please?


Hi @gianni.zoom, Thank you for your reply. :partying_face:

But this problem has been solved :raised_hands:. The SDK version I am using is 2.8.0

The solution is to delete the role: 1, and everything in the client view will be normal

Thank you again for replying to my first question on zoom forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m happy you figured it out and shared with the rest of the dev forum community! Thank you!