When opening zoom in browser with client Web SDK or without We are not getting advance feature like whiteboard and screen Protion sharing.. Please help urgently

One more thing if you can help me

we have purchased zoom health account.

Problem . when we open zoom with client Web SDK in browser or without that in browser.

we are not getting advance feature in browser like white board, share screen portion.

How we can get that in browser please help urgently.

Hey @aftabh2018,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Currently, the Web SDK, and the Web Client, do not support the Annotation feature. You can see a full list of supported features across browsers here:

For the most advanced feature set, you’ll want to use the Zoom Client. I hope that helps!


Thanks MazM , If we go for Fully Customize Web SDK, does it support annotation in Browser? What we can do for that… any other solution.

Hey @aftab.hussain ,

You would have to implement annotation yourself if you used the Fully Customizable SDK. Here are the differences:


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