Where is the ... created meeting?

Where i can find meetings create by POST /users/{userId}/meetings?

After POST i receive:
array:16 [
“uuid” => “XXX”
“id” => XXX
“host_id” => “XXX”
“topic” => “AL1 TEST”
“type” => 1
“status” => “waiting”
“timezone” => “Europe/Warsaw”
“created_at” => “2020-03-22T19:00:01Z”
“start_url” => “https://XXX
“join_url” => “https://XXX
“password” => “XXX”
“h323_password” => “000000”
“pstn_password” => “000000”
“encrypted_password” => “UkxZNGJXejdGM0d4cVVLbFNHM3RHUT09”
“settings” => array:19 [
“host_video” => true
“participant_video” => true
“cn_meeting” => false
“in_meeting” => false
“join_before_host” => false
“mute_upon_entry” => false
“watermark” => false
“use_pmi” => false
“approval_type” => 2
“audio” => “both”
“auto_recording” => “none”
“enforce_login” => false
“enforce_login_domains” => “”
“alternative_hosts” => “”
“close_registration” => false
“registrants_confirmation_email” => true
“waiting_room” => false
“registrants_email_notification” => false
“meeting_authentication” => false
“code” => 201

but on my account i dont see creted meeting. I dont see when get list meeting via API too. Can you explain me what is wrong?

Second - key and secret key from acount (bottom page Settings) not work. I going to marketplace and create app. This keys im used for integration authentication. This is correct way?

Hi @dariusz.walkiewicz,

This will only work for type 2, 3, 8 meetings and not type 1.

This is the client ID and client Secret from a create OAuth app. Sometimes it causes errors, the best way to test APIs is to use the Postman app[1].

1 - /docs/guides/tools-resources/postman



Works! Many thanks Michael!

Let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


All working fine, but i have one question more (how its work) :slight_smile:
Goal - every user see theirs meetings in “Upcoming Meetings” section. My client have 5 users in single account under this. Question is:

  1. i need 5 JWT applications
  2. i need 1 JWT application and give PMI when i created meeting
    Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hey @dariusz.walkiewicz,

You would just need 1 JWT App because JWT is account wide.


Thank you. But can you explain me, how assign meeting to user account is his upcoming meetings? Of course i mean via API.

Hey @dariusz.walkiewicz,

You just need to pass in the users userID or email to the Create Meeting endpoint.

You can the list of your users using the List Users endpoint.


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Sure - all clear. Thank you.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: