Which is simpler to work with: Video SDK or Meeting SDK?

I am building a web conferencing app to host 1 on 1 meetings that automatically end after 15 minutes.

Should I use the Meeting SDK or the Video SDK?

Hi, @dave.bartsch,

Thank you for posting – happy to help ! First, it is important to note the Video SDK has no concept of meetings. Instead, participants will join sessions. Based on the question, the Video and Meeting SDK would suffice for your use case. We will need to understand your case better to provide more personalized guidance. To help level set, please see the comparing SDKs chart and let us know what features you looking to implement.

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Thank you for the response.

I was thinking about using the Video SDK because I am developing in React Native. It looks like there is support for React Native and Video SDK. Is the Meeting SDK compatible with React Native?

So far we are also using Expo to develop our React Native app. Do you know if the Video SDK is compatible with Expo at all?

Currently, we have a sample app for React Meeting SDK, but not react-native. You can build a react-native wrapper for the meeting SDK.

Correct, @dave.bartsch! The Video SDK has a wrapper for React Native. Can you share more details on what you are looking for with respect to “compatibility”? Expo supports Android, iOS, and Web, and our React Native only supports Android and iOS. Based on what Expo is doing, it should not have any overlap and cause any conflicts with our RN VSDK when developing the Android and iOS apps.

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I appreciate the resources. I’ll take a look through those docs for React Native and sign up for the Video SDK

I’m not sure what that would entail. Would we have to implement the iOS or Android SDK first? and then the wrapper is used afterwards? Would EAS be something to consider with this? I’m still learning what some of these technologies are doing so I’m a little confused about the role of each tool.

I was worried that we would have to be developing natively, without Expo, for the Video SDK to be integrated into our current project. I’m glad to hear that shouldn’t be a problem. I was also wondering if it was possible to integrate the same Video SDK into the web app that Expo provides?