While using with iOS 13 swiftUI leave meeting not working

Getting below error on leave meeting

[Assert] Error in UIKit client: -[UIWindow setScreen:] should not be called if the client adopts UIScene lifecycle. Call -[UIWindow setWindowScene:] instead.**

Hi ankurvekariya2,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Our SDK does not support WindowScene at the moment as the support for Xcode 11 has not yet introduced. I have forwarded this as an enhancement request to the engineering team and we will work on adding the support. Please follow our Github repo for any update: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios. In the meantime, please use Xcode 10 or just use the UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate for integrating iOS SDK.


Hi Carson,

Has there been any movement on this? Zoom is a great service, but we are nine months into Xcode 11 now and this is presenting some significant barriers to developing SwiftUi applications. As an alternative does your team have any suggestions for work arounds of the issue if it has not been rectified yet (short of removing the Scene Delegate which is critical for other functionality).


Hi mark.pruitt,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. I understand your concern. We have dependencies on other teams and we are working on adding the Xcode 11 support. Currently using Xcode 10 would be the alternative solution at the moment, but I afraid Xcode 10 does not support Swift UI and Scene Delegate. Pardon the inconvenience caused by this. Thanks.