Xcode 11 start meeting crash

starting a meeting on iOS crashes the app.

Zoom version:

Line that triggers crash:
calling startMeeting(with:…) on a MobileRTCMeetingService’s instance:


iPhone 11 pro
iOS 13

Crashes on:
[MyApp.AppDelegate window]: unrecognized selector sent to instance**

Hi @ddev,

Thanks for the post. Are you using UIScene? Is this reproducible with our demo app? If so, could you provide the steps to reproduce this with our demo app?


I am using UIScene.

Are you saying the framework should work with UIScene?

Hi @ddev,

Our iOS SDK does not Xcode 11 at the moment(Even if you could compile using Xcode 11, but those new features like UIScene, Swift UI, dark mode, etc. are not supported) Please try not to use UIScene at the moment and see if the crash persisits.


That’s unfortunate. UIScene has been out for a long time. We can’t switch back to the old way…

Until zoom supports UIScene we won’t be able to integrate with zoom. SwiftUi and all other features don’t matter to us.

It would be nice if the SDK would simply accept a parent ViewController instead of messing with the window etc…

We’ll stay tuned and hopefully UIScene support will happen soon. :crossed_fingers:

Thank you

Hi @ddev,

Thanks for the reply. I understand. I will forward your feedback to the engineering team. Pardon the inconvenience caused by this.