Whiteboard support in meeting web SDK

I wanted to inquire about the release date for the highly anticipated Whiteboards feature in the Meeting Web SDK. As an avid developer and user of Zoom’s platform, I am excited about the potential of this feature to enhance collaborative experiences during meetings.

The ability to use a whiteboard within the Meeting Web SDK would greatly benefit users by allowing them to draw, annotate, and share ideas visually in real-time. This feature has been widely discussed and requested by the developer community, and I am eager to integrate it into my own applications.

I would greatly appreciate if someone from the Zoom team could kindly provide an update regarding the release date for the Whiteboards feature in the Meeting Web SDK. Knowing the timeline would allow me to plan my development efforts accordingly and inform other developers who are eagerly awaiting this functionality.


We had the same query as well.

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We were wondering the same thing.

However, Zoom does offer a separate Whiteboard SDK that developers can use to implement whiteboard functionality in their applications. The Whiteboard SDK provides a set of APIs and tools to create and collaborate on a digital whiteboard, allowing users to draw, write, and share content in real-time during meetings or other collaborative sessions.

If you are looking to incorporate whiteboard support in your web application using the Zoom Meeting Web SDK, you would need to utilize the separate Whiteboard SDK to implement the whiteboard functionality alongside the Meeting Web SDK integration. This would involve integrating both SDKs into your application and coordinating the interaction between the meeting and whiteboard components.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the Zoom Meeting Web SDK and Whiteboard SDK, I recommend referring to the official Zoom Developer Documentation or contacting the Zoom Developer Support team for the latest details on the available features and integrations.

We couldn’t find a separate Whiteboard SDK provided by Zoom.