Will the Zoom APIs work with On-Premise zoom

I am installing and configuring in-premise zoom.

We want to make sure that the Zoom REST APIs will work on our on Premise setup.

Same question here.
Would like to know which API(s) are available in on-prem servers

Hi @Alice @iosjamesanderson,

Not all of our API endpoints will work with On-Premise setup. However, if there is a particular endpoint you would like me to confirm for you, I can work on getting this information. Just let me know.


Dear Will,

Yes, we would like to know the full list of API for on-prem servers.

Thanks a lot.

Any documentation you can help us with where we can see the list of APIs which are supported and which are not supported in the In-Premise setup.

Hi @iosjamesanderson @Alice,

I’m working on getting more information for you—I’ll follow up with you here as soon as I have an update to share. Thanks!


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